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Installs Discard gem for soft deletes.
D Dale Zak
Used 0 times

Rails Semantic Logger

Feature rich logging framework that replaces the Rails logger.
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 28 times

Letter opener with a web interface

An interface for browsing sent emails
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 25 times


Faker is used to easily generate fake data: names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 20 times

Active Record Analyze

Adds an "analyze" method to all Active Record query objects.
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 15 times

Active Record Doctor

Active Record Doctor helps to keep the database in a good shape.
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 17 times


N+1 auto-detection for Rails with zero false positives / false negatives
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 31 times

Elastic Beanstalk Ruby 3.0.2

Adds elastic beanstalk config to your project
J Jeremiah Parrack
Used 36 times


Spring is disabled in Rails 7 by default, this helps enable it back for older computers
N Nick Gorbikoff
Used 7 times

Heroku Procfile

Sets up a standard Procfile for Heroku to start Puma and run migrations automatically on release
A Andy Waite
Used 5 times

Application Configuration

Adds app.yml to the application
d dpaluy
Used 8 times


Add jQuery to your Rails app using Webpacker with this app template.
T Tadeu Granemann
Used 12 times


Add Beercss to your Rails app using Webpacker with this app template.
T Tadeu Granemann
Used 14 times

Authentication with Devise Copy

Adds user authentication to your app using the Devise gem
MalTheGreat MalTheGreat
Used 0 times

RSpec Copy

Add rspec-rails to your application
MalTheGreat MalTheGreat
Used 0 times

Rails best practices

A code metric tool for rails codes, written in Ruby.
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 41 times

Multi Environment Credentials for Production and staging

Adds production and staging credentials
d dpaluy
Used 7 times

Rubocop for Rails and Rspec

Rubocop rules
d dpaluy
Used 18 times


Creates editorconfig configuration file
d dpaluy
Used 7 times

Rack Deflater

Adds Rack Defalter to the application.rb
d dpaluy
Used 2 times
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