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Quick and Easy Favicons

Add all the favions you need with one icon.svg and this template. Inkscape and SVGO CLI tools required.
E Eelco from Rails Designer
Used 5 times

RSpec + FactoryBot + ShouldaMatchers

Installs RSpec with FactoryBot and ShouldaMatchers configured
B Ben Morrall
Used 5 times

Rails Designer UI Components

UI components built with ViewComponent, designed with Tailwind CSS and enhanced with Hotwire. For manual instructions, see: https://railsdesigner.com/docs/start/
E Eelco from Rails Designer
Used 7 times

Rails Permament Job

RailsPermanentJob is a way to easily run a reliable process performing a set of jobs. It may be easily used
P Piotr Witek
Used 7 times


Adds RSwag to Gemfile
A Adrian Hawrylak
Used 4 times

Simplecov Setup for Rails

Add Simplecov to your Rails project (works with both Minitest and RSpec)
P Peter Szinek
Used 3 times

Ademar's Blog Code Template

This the base app blog setup
A Ademar Tutor
Used 28 times


Code coverage for Ruby with a powerful configuration library and automatic merging of coverage across test suites
R Ronan Donnelly
Used 3 times


Config helps you easily manage environment specific settings in an easy and usable manner.
E Emanuele Bonanno
Used 8 times


Freezolite is a gem that turn the frozen_string_literal
d dpaluy
Used 11 times


Add devise-two-factor flow to your Devise User.
M Mike Kniazevic
Used 10 times

Factory Bot Copy

Add Factory Bot to your application
S Steven Fernandez
Used 6 times

Rails 7.1 authentication from scratch

add rails 7.1 authentication without using a gem like devise
M Mathias Karstädt
Used 32 times

Authentication with Devise (with optional config)

Adds user authentication to your app using the Devise gem
M Marshall Scott
Used 15 times

SimpleCov Rails

Code Coverage for Rails Projects
B Ben Morrall
Used 18 times

Rubocop with Standard

RuboCop/Standard configuration with the frustration removed
B Ben Morrall
Used 36 times


Installs Honeybadger configured via a HONEYBADGER_API_KEY ENV variable.
B Ben Morrall
Used 5 times

Ruby on Whales testing

This is a testing template for Ruby on Whales changes
P Pavel Kalashnikov
Used 4 times

Avo 3 Open beta

Installs Avo 3 Open beta. This template will probably be removed after the stable version hits.
A Adrian Marin
Used 84 times

HVboom - Remove Puma server

Remove the Puma gem, because I run Rails apps through Phusion Passenger
M Mario Lotz
Used 6 times