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Arel Helpers

Useful tools to help construct database queries with ActiveRecord and Arel.
E Eric Berry
Used 1 time

RSpec Rails Fixtures

Setup an already RSpec application to use Rails Fixtures
P Pedro Carmona
Used 4 times

Deploy to Render

Deploy a Ruby on Rails application to Render
C Collin Jilbert
Used 46 times

Postgres with docker-compose + uuid as primary keys

Set up postgresql as the database with local support for docker-compose and enable uuid as primary keys
A Arandi Lopez
Used 0 times


Adding simple cov
S Sakshi Agarwal
Used 1 time

Ruby on Whales Copy

Dockerizing Ruby on Rails environment
D David Salgado
Used 12 times

System tests config: RSpec + Cuprite

Setup rspec with Cuprite driver for Capybara, using the "Evil Martians" configuration (slightly updated for Rails 7.0.3)
A Alessandro Fazzi
Used 5 times


Policies is an internal API fulfilling multiple parts of a approving a traveller booking request.
A Aris Chamakiotis
Used 5 times

Avo Admin

Avo abstracts away the common parts of building apps, letting your engineers work on your app's essential components.
A Adrian Marin
Used 786 times

Bootstrap 5 with Rails 7

Add Bootstrap 5 to Rails 7 app using importmap + link_to (method: :delete) fixed
T Tuyen Pham
Used 50 times

Rubocop standard

Rubocop standard
F Fajarullah
Used 1 time


A Andy Waite
Used 14 times

Bootstrap_form default scaffold view

This template is used to override default _form.html.erb view that is being generated by rails
A Amr Ahmed
Used 7 times

Ruby on Whales

Dockerizing Ruby on Rails environment
V Vladimir Dementyev
Used 655 times


Set up postmark-rails
A Andy Waite
Used 1 time

Database Migrate And Schema Dump On Heroku Deploy

Automatically migrate database and schema dump upon deploying to Heroku.
D Dale Zak
Used 2 times

jemalloc Heroku

Adding jemalloc to Rails apps on Heroku
d dpaluy
Used 1 time

Rack-Attack Gem

Add rack-attack gem and default initializer
D Dale Zak
Used 3 times

Faker Gem

Add faker gem
D Dale Zak
Used 2 times

Bootstrap Forms

Adds bootstrap_form gem
D Dale Zak
Used 7 times
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