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Avo Admin

Avo abstracts away the common parts of building apps, letting your engineers work on your app's essential components.
A Adrian Marin
Used 2725 times


Add rspec-rails to your application
J Jason Charnes
Used 2649 times


Add Bootstrap to your Rails app using Webpacker with this app template.
C Chris Oliver
Used 2376 times

Authentication with Devise

Adds user authentication to your app using the Devise gem
C Chris Oliver
Used 2248 times

Hello world

A simple "hello world" example of using Rails app templates
C Chris Oliver
Used 2080 times

View Component Contrib

Installs ViewComponent and adds ViewComponent::Contrib extensions and configuration settings
V Vladimir Dementyev
Used 1988 times

Ruby on Whales

Dockerizing Ruby on Rails environment
V Vladimir Dementyev
Used 1768 times

Bootstrap (Bootstrap 5, Turbo support)

Turbo compatible: Add Bootstrap 5 to your Rails app using Webpacker with this app template. Includes Popper.js
A Andrea Fomera
Used 1032 times

Factory Bot

Add Factory Bot to your application
J Jason Charnes
Used 888 times

Tailwind CSS

Add Tailwind to your Rails app
B Benjamin Darcet
Used 820 times

Devise Authentication + Hotwire Support

Adds user authentication to your app using the Devise gem. Supports Hotwire.
A Andrea Fomera
Used 743 times

StandardRb - Ruby style guide, linter, and formatter

Automatically format code and catch style and programmer errors easily with StandardRb
C Chris Oliver
Used 713 times

Stimulus Reflex

Build realtime, reactive applications in Rails with Stimulus Reflex
C Chris Oliver
Used 518 times

TailwindCSS 2.2 (with Config & TailwindUI & PurgeCSS)

A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development. (based off rodreegez template based off Mark Mead's template based off Benjamin Darcet's template)
A Alex Ventura
Used 507 times


RuboCop/Standard configuration with useful plugins for your project
V Vladimir Dementyev
Used 506 times


Adds Stimulus.js to Webpacker
A Andrea Fomera
Used 426 times

Annotate Models

Annotate Rails classes with schema and routes info
D Drew Reynolds
Used 389 times

Rspec + FactoryBot + Standardrb

Demo of combining multiple Templates, to install Rspec, FactoryBot and StandardRB
A Andrea Fomera
Used 365 times

Devise with optional bootstrap

Set up devise and add a basic navigation partial with login/logout links when bootstrap is present
T TobiasBales
Used 353 times

Lucky - TypeScript

Set up TypeScript in a Lucky Application
S Stephen Dolan
Used 344 times