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Ruby on Whales

Dockerizing Ruby on Rails environment
V Vladimir Dementyev
Used 1721 times


Set up postmark-rails
A Andy Waite
Used 8 times

Database Migrate And Schema Dump On Heroku Deploy

Automatically migrate database and schema dump upon deploying to Heroku.
D Dale Zak
Used 6 times

jemalloc Heroku

Adding jemalloc to Rails apps on Heroku
d dpaluy
Used 5 times

Rack-Attack Gem

Add rack-attack gem and default initializer
D Dale Zak
Used 7 times

Faker Gem

Add faker gem
D Dale Zak
Used 9 times


.gitattributes with typical Rails custom hunk-headers
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 23 times

Bootstrap Forms

Adds bootstrap_form gem
D Dale Zak
Used 14 times

Bootstrap 5 Devise Views

Adds Bootstrap 5 views for Devise using devise-bootstrap5
D Dale Zak
Used 59 times

Open Rails App In Browser

This snippet will automatically open your Rails app in the browser after launch.
D Dale Zak
Used 23 times

Rails Environment Variables Using Credentials

Strategy to access your Rails.application.credentials from ENV.
D Dale Zak
Used 24 times

Omniauth Facebook Provider

Installs omniauth-facebook gem, adds facebook provider, run migration for users
D Dale Zak
Used 12 times

Omniauth Twitter Provider

Installs omniauth-twitter gem, adds twitter provider, run migration for users
D Dale Zak
Used 8 times

Omniauth Github Provider

Installs omniauth-github gem, adds github provider, run migration for users
D Dale Zak
Used 23 times

Omniauth Google Provider

Installs omniauth-google-oauth2 gem, adds google_oauth2 provider, run migration for users
D Dale Zak
Used 31 times


Installs Discard gem for soft deletes.
D Dale Zak
Used 3 times

Letter opener with a web interface

An interface for browsing sent emails
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 52 times

Active Record Analyze

Adds an "analyze" method to all Active Record query objects.
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 32 times

Active Record Doctor

Active Record Doctor helps to keep the database in a good shape.
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 39 times


N+1 auto-detection for Rails with zero false positives / false negatives
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 60 times