Rails Templates

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Turbo Boost Commands

Add turbo_boost-commands to your application
J Julian Rubisch
Used 36 times

Enable livereload

Installs rails_live_reload gem
C Chanaka
Used 7 times

Disable some generators

Disables some generators when using `rails generate` command
C Chanaka
Used 7 times

Switch Dreams - Rails Template

Template for switch dreams`s rails apps
P Pedro Augusto
Used 34 times

Basic Blog setup

This script just creates Post and Comment models using scaffold + Devise
M Masha
Used 16 times

add Rspec in Rails

Adding Rspec in Rails and removing Test from project Directory
A Aniket Dangat
Used 6 times


RuboCop/Standard configuration with useful plugins for your project
V Vladimir Dementyev
Used 466 times

New gem generator

Generate a new gem scaffold with some goodies
V Vladimir Dementyev
Used 22 times

Ruby Bytes template project generator

Generate a new project to build an application template with Ruby Bytes
V Vladimir Dementyev
Used 31 times

Ruby LSP Rails

An opinionated language server for Ruby on Rails
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 17 times

ViewComponent Controller w/ Stimulus

Install view component and setup requirements to work with stimulus.
M Maksim Vakarchuk
Used 45 times

Avo - Add helpers to Resource files

Use your own helpers in Resource files
A Adrian Marin
Used 13 times

Rails 7, Bootstrap 5 & BS icons

Rails 7 (w/ Webpack), Bootstrap 5 & BS icons
Used 21 times

Avo acts-as-taggable-on integration

Adds the required resources to integrate with the popular `acts-as-taggable-on` gem
A Adrian Marin
Used 22 times

Docker Setup to Rails 7 project

Template to create applications with Rails 7 and Docker (ruby-3.2.0)
M Marcelo Moraes
Used 23 times

Rails 6, Bootstrap 5 & BS icons

Rails 6, Bootstrap 5 & BS icons
Used 11 times


installs brakeman
J Javier Lafora
Used 10 times


installs annotate gem
J Javier Lafora
Used 14 times


Installs i18n-tasks
J Javier Lafora
Used 11 times


installs yard
J Javier Lafora
Used 7 times