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jemalloc Heroku

Adding jemalloc to Rails apps on Heroku
d dpaluy
Used 8 times


a base template for rehabr
R Robert Robinson
Used 7 times

Event driven Rails application with Rails Event Store

New Rails application with Rails Event Store gem
A Arkency
Used 7 times


install dropzone
C Clément Prod'homme
Used 7 times

add Rspec in Rails

Adding Rspec in Rails and removing Test from project Directory
A Aniket Dangat
Used 7 times


Add pry-byebug gems to your application
E Evangelos Giataganas
Used 7 times


a adam cenr
Used 7 times


Install jbuilder in your Rails app
P Prathamesh Sonpatki
Used 7 times

Rails Permament Job

RailsPermanentJob is a way to easily run a reliable process performing a set of jobs. It may be easily used
P Piotr Witek
Used 7 times


Adding simple cov
S Sakshi Agarwal
Used 7 times


Set up and enforce strong versioning in the Gemfile
T TobiasBales
Used 7 times

Rails Designer UI Components

UI components built with ViewComponent, designed with Tailwind CSS and enhanced with Hotwire. For manual instructions, see: https://railsdesigner.com/docs/start/
E Eelco from Rails Designer
Used 7 times


Add Vonage Nexmo APIs access to your Rails app
B Ben Greenberg
Used 6 times

Factory Bot Copy

Add Factory Bot to your application
S Steven Fernandez
Used 6 times

Authentication with Devise Copy

Adds user authentication to your app using the Devise gem
MalTheGreat MalTheGreat
Used 6 times

RSpec Captive

Add rspec-rails to your application
G Guillaume Imary
Used 6 times

HVboom - Remove Puma server

Remove the Puma gem, because I run Rails apps through Phusion Passenger
M Mario Lotz
Used 6 times

Quick and Easy Favicons

Add all the favions you need with one icon.svg and this template. Inkscape and SVGO CLI tools required.
E Eelco from Rails Designer
Used 5 times

Test Template

I am just testing how people make templates.
A Ahmad Rizwan
Used 5 times


Template padrão
d daniel Freitas
Used 5 times