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Simple Form

Basic installation of Simple Form
M Mark Mead
Used 240 times

TailwindCSS [LATEST] (All Plugins & PurgeCSS)

A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development. (based off Benjamin Darcet's template)
M Mark Mead
Used 307 times


A rugged, minimal framework for composing JavaScript behaviour in your markup.
M Mark Mead
Used 125 times


Action Text brings rich text content and editing to Rails.
M Mark Mead
Used 140 times


Adds and performs basic config for Administrate
D Drew Bragg
Used 11 times

OAuth2 with Doorkeeper

Make your application to be an OAuth2 provider
N Nikita Bulai
Used 21 times

Event driven Rails application with Rails Event Store

New Rails application with Rails Event Store gem
A Arkency
Used 1 time


Adds UiKit for your Rails application
S Stas Syritsyn
Used 27 times

Create Error Pages

Creates 404, 422 and 500 error pages that can be customised
M Mark Mead
Used 90 times


Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby
M Moses Gathuku
Used 111 times


Adds rubocop to your rails app.
E Erik Jenks
Used 70 times

Bullet (without external services)

Kill N+1 queries and unused eager loading
E Erik Jenks
Used 8 times


RoRvsWild is a performances and errors monitoring tool for Ruby on Rails developers
A Antoine Marguerie
Used 12 times

Rails Application Template

Initialize the rails project with preloaded gems and configurations.
A Anbazhagan
Used 15 times

Foreman & Procfile

Adds Foreman gem, creates Procfile and Procfile.dev
D Dale Zak
Used 55 times


Installs the Paranoia gem for soft deletes.
D Dale Zak
Used 18 times

Bootstrap 5 Scaffold Templates

Overrides the default ERB templates with Bootstrap 5 friendly versions.
D Dale Zak
Used 201 times

Improved Seeds Folder Structure

Sets up environment specific seeds folders
D Dale Zak
Used 13 times


Add https://github.com/CanCanCommunity/cancancan
D Dale Zak
Used 90 times

Webpacker ERB

Adds Webpacker ERB
D Dale Zak
Used 9 times
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