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Kill N+1 queries and unused eager loading
D Drew Reynolds
Used 71 times


Add ~Don~ draper to decorate models in your application.
J Jason Charnes
Used 7 times

Better Errors (with Binding of Caller)

Adds Better Errors and Binding of Caller Gems
A Alex Spencer
Used 107 times

Load Heroku Production DB locally

Creates, downloads, and loads your Heroku db to your dev db
A Alex Spencer
Used 61 times

Debug Params

Render the params hash in development. Useful for debugging.
S Steve Polito
Used 33 times


Configure SendGrid for production.
S Steve Polito
Used 35 times


AppLocale.dev is an app that helps you manage your Ruby on Rails translations.
A Andrea Fomera
Used 18 times


Add bulma to rails
D Duarte M
Used 75 times


View components for Rails from GitHub
A Andrew Mason
Used 91 times


Ruby on Rails Static Analysis Security Tool
A Andrew Mason
Used 51 times


Ensure your gems are appropriately versioned
A Andrew Mason
Used 34 times

HTML/ERB Beautifier

A normaliser/beautifier for HTML that also understands embedded Ruby. Ideal for tidying up Rails templates.
A Andrew Mason
Used 20 times

Strong Migrations

Catch unsafe migrations in development
A Andrew Mason
Used 44 times


Add Vonage Nexmo APIs access to your Rails app
B Ben Greenberg
Used 2 times


Add a GraphQL API to your Rails app
B Benjamin Hargett
Used 26 times

Webpack bundle analysis

Adds webpack-bundle-analyzer to your Webpacker-enabled Rails application
R Ross Kaffenberger
Used 60 times


A tool to help lint your ERB or HTML files using the included linters or by writing your own.
A Andrew Mason
Used 17 times


A Ruby gem to load environment variables from `.env`.
A Andrew Mason
Used 64 times


Default Solidus and SolidusAuthDevise
Used 10 times

Spina CMS

Getting started with Spina CMS
B Bram Jetten
Used 62 times
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