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Add Ahoy to your Rails app
B Benjamin Darcet
Used 12 times


Add Blazer to your Rails app
B Benjamin Darcet
Used 12 times


Add PgHero to your Rails app
B Benjamin Darcet
Used 18 times

FontAwesome Pro

Add fontawesome pro to your Rails app
R Richard Wise
Used 30 times


Add Chartkick to your Rails app
B Benjamin Darcet
Used 26 times


Add Searchkick to your Rails app
B Benjamin Darcet
Used 7 times

Rename Rails App

Rename your app the simple way.
B Ben Latz
Used 63 times

Create Custom Root

Used to setup a custom root to: with controller
R Richard Wise
Used 29 times

Opinionated Docker Compose Setup

An opinionated Docker Compose for development with Rails 5.2+ and Postgres.
K Konnor Rogers
Used 36 times


Add an admin back-end using the Trestle gem
S Sam Pohlenz
Used 21 times

Punching Bag

Punching Bag is a hit tracking plugin for Ruby on Rails that specializes in simple trending.
A Andrea Fomera
Used 7 times


Add simple, Heroku-friendly Rails app configuration using ENV and a single YAML file.
I Ivan Raszl
Used 27 times


Pundit provides a set of helpers which guide you in leveraging regular Ruby classes and object oriented design patterns to build a simple, robust and scalable authorization system.
A Andrea Fomera
Used 55 times


Add beautifully DRY, well-indented, clear markup.
I Ivan Raszl
Used 95 times

Power Assert

Power Assert for Minitest - https://github.com/hsbt/minitest-power_assert
I Ivan Nemytchenko
Used 17 times

Vue with Inertia

Rails template with Vue.js and Inertia.js
B Bilal Budhani
Used 6 times

Annotate Models

Annotate Rails classes with schema and routes info
D Drew Reynolds
Used 181 times


Add payments using Stripe or Braintree to your application
J Jason Charnes
Used 37 times

GitHub Issue Templates

Creates issue templates in GitHub for bug reports, feature requests and code maintenance.
D Dale Zak
Used 8 times

GitHub Pull Request Template

A pull request template for GitHub.
D Dale Zak
Used 6 times
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