RoRvsWild is a performances and errors monitoring tool for Ruby on Rails developers
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A Antoine Marguerie

This script installs RoRvsWild gem and lets you decide if you want to use it as a localhost request profiler only (no account needed) or to also monitor your production server (account and API key needed).

Run this command in your Rails app directory in the terminal:

rails app:template LOCATION=""
Template Source

Review the code before running this template on your machine.

run "bundle add rorvswild"
run "bundle install"
say("Restart your local server and you’ll see a small button in the bottom left corner of your page.", :blue) 

if yes?('Do you want to also monitor your production server (RoRvsWild account needed)? [y/n]')
  api_key = ask("What is your RorVsWild API key?")
  run "rorvswild-install #{api_key}"
  say("Installed! Please deploy/restart your app.", :blue) 

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