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Hotwire Webpacker

This template is to include Hotwire using webpacker.
C Curtis Ovard
Used 19 times


Configures rubocop
J Javier Lafora
Used 18 times

Rename Rails App - for Rails v6

Rename rails app using a patched rename gem supporting Rails 6
R Richard Logwood
Used 18 times

Omniauth Github Provider

Installs omniauth-github gem, adds github provider, run migration for users
D Dale Zak
Used 18 times

Avo 3 Open beta

Installs Avo 3 Open beta. This template will probably be removed after the stable version hits.
A Adrian Marin
Used 18 times


Set up stylelint
T TobiasBales
Used 18 times

Rubocop with Standard

RuboCop/Standard configuration with the frustration removed
B Ben Morrall
Used 18 times

Minimal Tailwind 2.0

Tailwind 2.0
V Vivek Raja
Used 18 times


Add Beercss to your Rails app using Webpacker with this app template.
T Tadeu Granemann
Used 18 times

active storage validations

includes the active storage validation gem
J Julian Rubisch
Used 17 times

Avo acts-as-taggable-on integration

Adds the required resources to integrate with the popular `acts-as-taggable-on` gem
A Adrian Marin
Used 17 times


A tool to help lint your ERB or HTML files using the included linters or by writing your own.
A Andrew Mason
Used 17 times


Adds and performs basic config for Administrate
D Drew Bragg
Used 17 times

RSpec - FactoryBot - DatabaseCleaner

Ruby on Rails XP KIT
P Positive Nature Creative
Used 17 times


Code coverage for ruby 1.9+ with a powerfull configuration libary and au
E Edgar Ferreira
Used 17 times

Improved Seeds Folder Structure

Sets up environment specific seeds folders
D Dale Zak
Used 16 times

Docker Setup to Rails 7 project

Template to create applications with Rails 7 and Docker (ruby-3.2.0)
M Marcelo Moraes
Used 16 times

Lucky - Fathom Analytics

Integrate Fathom Analytics into a Lucky Application
S Stephen Dolan
Used 16 times


RoRvsWild is a performances and errors monitoring tool for Ruby on Rails developers
A Antoine Marguerie
Used 16 times


Add Angular to your Rails App
B Benjamin Darcet
Used 16 times