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Set up pghero to gain performance insights into postgresql
T TobiasBales
Used 26 times

Dockerize Rails (With Docker Compose)

Copy the "Ruby Starter Kits" template to your existing project.
M Mike Rogers
Used 25 times


.gitattributes with typical Rails custom hunk-headers
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 25 times


AppLocale.dev is an app that helps you manage your Ruby on Rails translations.
A Andrea Fomera
Used 25 times

Rails 7, Bootstrap 5 & BS icons

Rails 7 (w/ Webpack), Bootstrap 5 & BS icons
Used 25 times

Power Assert

Power Assert for Minitest - https://github.com/hsbt/minitest-power_assert
I Ivan Nemytchenko
Used 25 times

Hotwire Webpacker

This template is to include Hotwire using webpacker.
C Curtis Ovard
Used 25 times


Adds and performs basic config for Administrate
D Drew Bragg
Used 25 times

Rename Rails App - for Rails v6

Rename rails app using a patched rename gem supporting Rails 6
R Richard Logwood
Used 25 times


Set up stylelint
T TobiasBales
Used 25 times

FontAwesome Free

Add fontawesome free to your Rails app
C Chuck
Used 25 times

Improved Seeds Folder Structure

Sets up environment specific seeds folders
D Dale Zak
Used 24 times


Set up marginalia to easier track down where sql queries originate from
T TobiasBales
Used 24 times

active storage validations

includes the active storage validation gem
J Julian Rubisch
Used 24 times


A tool to help lint your ERB or HTML files using the included linters or by writing your own.
A Andrew Mason
Used 24 times

Minimal Tailwind 2.0

Tailwind 2.0
V Vivek Raja
Used 23 times


Code coverage for ruby 1.9+ with a powerfull configuration libary and au
E Edgar Ferreira
Used 22 times


RoRvsWild is a performances and errors monitoring tool for Ruby on Rails developers
A Antoine Marguerie
Used 22 times

Alpine JS

Alpine JS Integration for Lucky Framework
M Massimiliano Bertinetti
Used 22 times


Configures rubocop
J Javier Lafora
Used 22 times