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Stimulus Reflex with Guardfile

Build realtime, reactive applications in Rails with Stimulus Reflex
J Julian Rubisch
Used 9 times


Add the futurism lazy loading gem based on CableReady
J Julian Rubisch
Used 5 times


Add pry-byebug gems to your application
E Evangelos Giataganas
Used 2 times

flash_messages with toastr

To display Rails 6 flash messages with a javascript plugin, "toastr.js"
L Lucius Choi
Used 67 times

confirm dialog with sweetalert2 in Rails 6

To replace javascript confirm dialog with sweetalert2 in Rails 6
L Lucius Choi
Used 59 times

Dark mode for Rails 6

To enable dark mode using stimulus.js built in Rails 6
L Lucius Choi
Used 34 times


A railsbyte to add shoelace web components to a project.
K Konnor Rogers
Used 37 times


Add Mongoid to your new rails app
A Alejandro Alvarez
Used 8 times

Rack mini profiler

Add rack-mini-profiler to profile your Rails applications
J Julian Rubisch
Used 7 times

Bootstrap Scaffold Templates

Overrides the default scaffold templates with Bootstrap.
R Ricardo Villagrana
Used 96 times


Have a ngrok tunnel open when you start Puma in Development
M Mike Rogers
Used 25 times

Lucky - i18n

Add Internationalization support to a Lucky Application
S Stephen Dolan
Used 144 times


Set up rubcop with a predefined configuration file
A Arandi Lopez
Used 3 times

Minimal Tailwind CSS + PurgeCSS

A script to add Tailwind CSS and PurgeCSS to your Rails 6 application
V Vivek Raja
Used 22 times


Monitor your Ruby Applications metrics (Memory, SQL Requests & Request Time) as part of your test suite.
M Mike Rogers
Used 6 times


Installs the inline_view_component gem
R Rafe Rosen
Used 1 time


Config your application in French and set the default time zone to Paris
C Clément Prod'homme
Used 8 times

Clément - Tailwind

installation of tailwind
C Clément Prod'homme
Used 5 times

RSpec - FactoryBot - DatabaseCleaner

Configure RSpec, FactoryBot and DatabaseCleaner in a brand new Rails project.
A Alex Ventura
Used 71 times


install dropzone
C Clément Prod'homme
Used 3 times
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