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TailwindCSS 2.2 (with Config & TailwindUI & PurgeCSS)

A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development. (based off rodreegez template based off Mark Mead's template based off Benjamin Darcet's template)
A Alex Ventura
Used 494 times

CI with Gitlab CI

Set up Gitlab CI to run tests and linters. (Rspec + Rubocop)
C Clément Prod'homme
Used 11 times

Stimulus Reflex Copy

Build realtime, reactive applications in Rails with Stimulus Reflex
C Clément Prod'homme
Used 4 times

Kitchen Sink

Everything you need to get going.
C Cameron Barker
Used 11 times


Adds authentication and account management functionality with Rodauth, together with database tables, views and mailer.
J Janko Marohnić
Used 12 times

RSpec Captive

Add rspec-rails to your application
G Guillaume Imary
Used 2 times

Minimal Tailwind 2.0

Tailwind 2.0
V Vivek Raja
Used 18 times


Code coverage for my ruby code
S Sakshi
Used 11 times


Install racecar gem and generates the install files.
A Adrian Madrid
Used 27 times

Yabeda + Prometheus

Adds the yabeda + yabeda-prometheus
A Adrian Madrid
Used 23 times

Lucky - Sentry.io

Integrate Sentry.io into a Lucky Application
S Stephen Dolan
Used 15 times


EditorConfig helps maintain consistent coding styles for multiple developers working on the same project across various editors and IDEs.
J Jason Miller
Used 43 times


Simple dev setup for overmind
A Andrew Mason
Used 3 times

Bootstrap@next (updated PopperJS)

Add Bootstrap 5 alpha to your Rails app using Webpacker with this app template. Forked to include the new @popperjs/core package.
M Mitch Craver
Used 53 times


'turbo-rails' gem
C Charalampos Aristomenopoulos
Used 15 times

Dockerize Rails (With Docker Compose)

Copy the "Ruby Starter Kits" template to your existing project.
M Mike Rogers
Used 22 times

Docker development setup

Docker-Compose file to get started with Postgresql and Redis
J Julian Rubisch
Used 9 times

Minijohn's Base Stack

Rails 6 template, with Devise, RSpec, Webpacker, Bootstrap 4 and SEO best practices.
M Minijohn
Used 204 times


install solargraph rails support
J Julian Rubisch
Used 54 times


This is a template to add and install the New Hotness Hotwire to your rails app.
C Curtis Ovard
Used 28 times