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This is a template to add and install the New Hotness Hotwire to your rails app.
C Curtis Ovard
Used 24 times

Hotwire Webpacker

This template is to include Hotwire using webpacker.
C Curtis Ovard
Used 17 times

Vite Rails

Bring joy to your frontend experience in Rails
M Maximo Mussini
Used 71 times

Capybara Test Helpers

The perfect companion for your integration tests.
M Maximo Mussini
Used 11 times


JARD - Just Another Ruby Debugger based on Byebug & Pry
N Nick Gorbikoff
Used 22 times

Error monitoring with AppSignal

ErrorMonitoring & APM for Rails, Sinatra, Padrino, etc
N Nick Gorbikoff
Used 7 times

Hotwire (Turbo, Stimulus, Strada)

Add Hotwire stack to your Rails app
N Nick Gorbikoff
Used 80 times

Devise Authentication + Hotwire Support

Adds user authentication to your app using the Devise gem. Supports Hotwire.
A Andrea Fomera
Used 627 times

Bootstrap (Bootstrap 5, Turbo support)

Turbo compatible: Add Bootstrap 5 to your Rails app using Webpacker with this app template. Includes Popper.js
A Andrea Fomera
Used 783 times

Alpine JS

Alpine JS Integration for Lucky Framework
M Massimiliano Bertinetti
Used 14 times


A Utility Complete CSS Framework for less than 45kb (8kb Gzipped). Integration for Lucky Framework
M Massimiliano Bertinetti
Used 8 times


Installs matestack
M Michael Yagudaev
Used 7 times

Guard Livereload

Install live reloads rails views/assets using guard
F Fajarullah
Used 66 times

Guard RSpec

Autorun RSpec using guard
F Fajarullah
Used 93 times

Choiceable All in one (maybe ?)

RSpec + Spring, Guard RSpec & Livereload, ESLint, StandardRB + Spring, Lint-staged, Hotwire, Devise + Turbo Support (If use Hotwire), and Capistrano
F Fajarullah
Used 60 times

Uncomment default RSpec config

Uncomment default RSpec Rails config
F Fajarullah
Used 40 times

RSpec shoulda matchers

Install RSpec shoulda matchers
F Fajarullah
Used 19 times

JS from Routes

Generates path helpers and API requests automatically from your Rails routes
M Maximo Mussini
Used 62 times

Amazing Print with Pry

Great Ruby debugging companion: pretty print Ruby objects to visualize their structure. Supports custom object formatting via plugins.
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 39 times


a adam cenr
Used 0 times
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