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Add pry-byebug gems to your application
E Evangelos Giataganas
Used 7 times


Add the futurism lazy loading gem based on CableReady
J Julian Rubisch
Used 13 times

Stimulus Reflex with Guardfile

Build realtime, reactive applications in Rails with Stimulus Reflex
J Julian Rubisch
Used 16 times

Inertia with Vue

Rails template for Inertia with Vue
S SlimShady
Used 34 times

ViewComponent helper

ViewComponent helper
S Scott Barrow
Used 64 times

FontAwesome Free

Add fontawesome free to your Rails app
C Chuck
Used 25 times

Bootstrap 5 Alpha

Add Bootstrap 5 Alpha to your rails app, with SCSS file for overriding default styles
C Charlie Reese
Used 33 times


Pagy is the ultimate pagination gem that outperforms the others in each and every benchmark and comparison.
A Alexey Gordienko
Used 87 times

Lucky - Instant.Page

Set up Instant.Page in a Lucky Application
S Stephen Dolan
Used 54 times


k kieran Klaassen
Used 12 times

View Component Reflex

ViewComponentReflex allows you to write reflexes right in your view component code.
k kieran Klaassen
Used 22 times


Install the extra_extra gem to easily handle release notes
S Steve Paulo
Used 9 times


adds the aasm gem for ruby state machines and optionally runs the rails generator
J Julian Rubisch
Used 14 times

Pry with Byebug option

Add pry gems to your application
J Julian Rubisch
Used 18 times

active storage validations

includes the active storage validation gem
J Julian Rubisch
Used 24 times

Lucky - TypeScript

Set up TypeScript in a Lucky Application
S Stephen Dolan
Used 351 times

Devise Inviteable

Add devise invitable.
C Curtis Ovard
Used 33 times


.gitignore with typical Rails project files
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 77 times


Use Pry as your rails console
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 80 times


IDE tools for code completion, inline documentation, and static analysis
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 74 times