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A Ruby gem to load environment variables from `.env`.
A Andrew Mason
Used 58 times


Set up annotate to annotate the models and routes
T TobiasBales
Used 58 times


Use Pry as your rails console
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 57 times

confirm dialog with sweetalert2 in Rails 6

To replace javascript confirm dialog with sweetalert2 in Rails 6
L Lucius Choi
Used 56 times

ViewComponent helper

ViewComponent helper
S Scott Barrow
Used 55 times


Improved README
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 55 times

SimpleCov (bundler < v2)

Code coverage for Ruby 1.9+ with a powerful configuration library and automatic merging of coverage across test suites
C Charalampos Aristomenopoulos
Used 51 times

JS from Routes

Generates path helpers and API requests automatically from your Rails routes
M Maximo Mussini
Used 51 times


Set up sorbet, sorbet-rails and rubocop-sorbet
T TobiasBales
Used 50 times


Ruby on Rails Static Analysis Security Tool
A Andrew Mason
Used 50 times


Add the default setup for Vue.js.
B Ben Latz
Used 49 times

Lucky - Instant.Page

Set up Instant.Page in a Lucky Application
S Stephen Dolan
Used 48 times

Deploy to Render

Deploy a Ruby on Rails application to Render
C Collin Jilbert
Used 47 times


Set up dependabot to run once a day for ruby, javascript and github actions
T TobiasBales
Used 46 times

[email protected] (updated PopperJS)

Add Bootstrap 5 alpha to your Rails app using Webpacker with this app template. Forked to include the new @popperjs/core package.
M Mitch Craver
Used 46 times

Error monitoring with HoneyBadger

HoneyBadger is one of the best error monitoring tools for Rails applications
C Chris Oliver
Used 45 times


bundler-audit provides patch-level verification for Bundled apps.
V Viktor Schmidt
Used 44 times


install solargraph rails support
J Julian Rubisch
Used 44 times

Strong Migrations

Catch unsafe migrations in development
A Andrew Mason
Used 43 times


Add payments using Stripe or Braintree to your application
J Jason Charnes
Used 42 times
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