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Factory Bot With Install

Add Factory Bot to your application
w wusher
Used 15 times

ActiveAdmin with devise integration

Set up active admin that is expected to be used with devise.
T TobiasBales
Used 189 times


Install meta-tags Gem, tries to inject display_meta_tags into application.html.(erb|slim) if exists
S Stefan Wienert
Used 18 times

CI/CD with GitHub actions

Set up GitHub actions to run tests and linters and automerging for certain pull-requests
T TobiasBales
Used 81 times

Create GitHub repository

Create gihub repo and push everything. This relies on the `hub` executable being available.
T TobiasBales
Used 26 times


Set up dependabot to run once a day for ruby, javascript and github actions
T TobiasBales
Used 54 times


Set up sorbet, sorbet-rails and rubocop-sorbet
T TobiasBales
Used 59 times

Use Postgres UUID

Use UUIDs as the default primary key for your models
A Andrew Perkins
Used 168 times

Sidekiq with docker-compose

Set up sidekiq with local support for docker-compose
T TobiasBales
Used 46 times

Redis caching with docker-compose

Set up caching in redis with local support for docker-compose
T TobiasBales
Used 40 times


Set up overmind to start the server and docker-compose
T TobiasBales
Used 37 times


Set up bullet to avoid n+1 queries
T TobiasBales
Used 37 times


Set up erb-lint and better-html
T TobiasBales
Used 41 times


Set up strong migrations to avoid outages by running bad migrations
T TobiasBales
Used 36 times


Set up annotate to annotate the models and routes
T TobiasBales
Used 70 times


Set up better errors including binding-of-caller
T TobiasBales
Used 35 times


Set up brakeman and enable ssl in production
T TobiasBales
Used 31 times


Set up rails_best_practices
T TobiasBales
Used 42 times


Set up marginalia to easier track down where sql queries originate from
T TobiasBales
Used 24 times


Set up pghero to gain performance insights into postgresql
T TobiasBales
Used 26 times